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Bo-Won Keum is an independent graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been funded by the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and the Maharam Foundation, and presented at institutions such as the RISD Museum, AIGA Rhode Island, and Design Indaba. Clients and collaborators include Kickstarter, Books to Prisoners, and RISD Graduate Studies. She holds an MFA in graphic design from RISD and a BA in comparative literature from Princeton University.
Books to Prisoners is a grant-funded publication containing the words and stories from prison inmates who receive donated books from abolitionist and literacy programs across the United States.

This book was made possible through the Maharam STEAM Fellowship, RISD Graduate Studies, and Books to Prisoners in Seattle, WA.

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Concept and direction for the publication for the RISD GD MFA 2017 Biennial, “To Whom It May Concern”, which offers a critical perspective the role of design in the current political climate. This publication consists of two booklets: a catalogue of work, and a reader of relevant political, artistic, and intellectual resources. To reflect the spirit of urgency, the two booklets are staple-bound and collected together with a plain, black rubberband.
Web development and design for v.1 (volume 1), the graduate student publication, which holds articles, essays, and work produced by and for the graduate student community at the RISD.

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Selected work presented at Intermission / Intervention / Interruption, an event held by the RISD Museum on April 20, 2017. This event featured eight student artists and designers that challenged and critiqued its gallery installation of European paintings displayed in the main gallery.

This interactive piece allows visitors to look at the paintings for their formal qualities and less for their cultural significance. It acts as a collaging tool, encouraging museum-goers to approach an archive in a new way by bringing the collection down from its walls.

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Tired Tropes of Graphic Design is a vacation spot for all of the tired tropes of graphic design that could really use a break. Conceived and installed for the group show, “Vernacular Spectacular”, in collaboration with Elizabeth Leeper.

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A flyer system to announce a lecture by Luna Maurer of Studio Moniker, which uses the circulation of the poster as an opportunity to play with conditional design.

Flyers for the RISD Graduate Student Alliance (GSA) End-of-the-Year Events 2016. These were pasted onto larger, tabloid-size sheets that could be tiled like wallpaper—a fast and economical way to cover large surface areas.
Concept for promoting Open Studios Spring 2017, which starts from a single 4' x 6' notice board that travels around campus and is encountered by passing RISD students. The documentation of this journey generates flyers that are plastered throughout Providence.

Quick animations and accompanying flyers to advertise drinks and dancing.

Modularly-designed flyers become part of an identity system for a pop-up open studio for the RISD Graduate Graphic Design Department in the spring of 2016.

Imprint allows users to customize a wall text to their size. Users are asked to use black duck-tape to mark where they stand. These marks are the only thing that remains on the wall when the text disappears: imprints of bodies against the surface, built up over time. Installed at a group pop-up show, “ExPoZed”.

When It Won't Fit: a Book about Containers, Procedures, and Transformations is a thesis book interested in constraints in form that dictate procedure. It is organized into three chapters: "How It Fits"; "When It Fits"; "How It Fits Together"; and "When It Won't Fit". In addition to containing relevant studio work, experiments, and references, it also features a self-written essay, as well as short interviews with David Reinfurt, Barry Brannum, Mette Edvardsen, and Armand Mevis.

It is sized at 5.5 x 8.5" and uses 5 different kinds of recycled paper stock.

The trimmings left over from the printing and binding process were pulped and flattened to make new paper for the jacket.

It is available online at
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