Design for workplace safety and organizing guide, “No to Hazards, Yes to Safety!” for ActionOSH and the Center for Urban Pedagogy. Editing and design for Reader-to-Reader, an advice column in News Inside for the Marshall Project. Video loop for “Police Say Jiu-jitsu Can Make Them Less Violent During Arrests” by Jamiles Lartey* at the Marshall Project. Design and development for a website for Dennis Hogan*. Design for “The Language Project” for the Marshall Project*. Art direction for “BADFISH” for the Marshall Project*. Flyers for the Sunset Park Tenants Union. Writing for “On the Letterform of the Age” for Triple Canopy Issue 26*. Title page visuals for “Listening” by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge* for Triple Canopy. Title page visuals for “Rave” by Rainald Goetz* for Triple Canopy. Identity design for “Two Ears and One Mouth”, Triple Canopy Issue 26* with Franklin Vandiver. Program design for “Moving at the Tempo of a Broken Song” for Eugenia Delfini at the Bard Center for Curatorial Studies. Publication design for “Soft & Wet” for Sadia Shirazi at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Identity and website for Stay Classy, with Boyang Xia. Logo and branding for Arise. Design and development for a portfolio website for David Cann*. Book design for Spotting Plutes: A Field Guide To American Billionaires for MSCHF*. Tote bag design for Mirror Tote, a bag for Joan Jonas for Triple Canopy. Program for the 2019 and 2018 Benefits for Triple Canopy. Writing, editing, and design for “Dear Books to Prisoners: Letters from the Incarcerated” for Books to Prisoners*. Posters for the 2018 Benefit for Triple Canopy. Publication design for Othering & Belonging, Issue 3 for the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley. Book design for Everything That Happens Will Happen Today by Brian House. Program for “Critic’s Choice” by Look At Art. Get Paid. at the RISD Museum. Design for event cards for Triple Canopy. Design and illustrations for “The Devil in Connecticut” by Jacqueline Feldman* for Triple Canopy. Illustrations for “A Heavy Non-Presence” by Derica Shields* for Triple Canopy. Design and typography for “Join the Informants!” by the New Red Order* for Triple Canopy. Program design for “The Pearl Diver's Revenge” by Sean D. Henry-Smith & Imani Elizabeth Jackson for Triple Canopy. Store signage for hours at Project No. 8. Screensaver for drip x Kickstarter, for Kickstarter. Stress balls for Kickstarter. Tote bag for Kickstarter. “The Modern Salon”, as part of Intermission/ Intervention/ Interruption for the RISD Museum. Catalogue design and direction for “To Whom It May Concern”, the RISD Graduate Graphic Design Biennial. Posters for RISD Graduate Open Studios Spring 2017. Flyers for RISD Graduate Student Alliance End-of-Year Events 2016, with Drew Litowitz. Flyers for RISD Graduate Open Studios Pop-up 2016, with Cem Eskinazi. Flyers for Luna Maurer for RISD Spring Graphic Design Lectures 2016, with Bonhae Koo. Poster for Cinemania by Yale Film & Media Studies.