For RISD Open Studios 2017
Poster system for RISD Open Studios 2017, which featured a 24 x 36” board that acted as a prop to be carried around campus. Images taken of the board interacting with the students and the campus environment turned into new posters.

For RISD Open Studios 2016

Modular poster system designed for RISD Open Studios 2016, featuring colored 8.5 x 11” sheets of paper. In collaboration with Cem Eskinazi.


Poster system for the RISD End-of-Year Events 2016, featuring 8.5 x 11” sheets of colored paper posted onto tileable sheets of 11 x 17” tabloid sheets (wallpaper.) In collaboration with Drew Litowitz.
for Luna Maurer at RISD

Participatory poster system for a lecture by Luna Maurer of Studio Moniker, featuring 11 x 17” sheets of paper with written instructions (rules) for postering. In collaboration with Bonhae Koo.

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Last updated: April 2022