For Matthew Shen Goodman and Hilda Shen
Booklet presented at a showing of Hilda Shen’s “One Line Landscape V”, presented at the Canal Street Research Association. The cover image was generated from the backdrop of a Shen Yun performance.

Book of letters compiled from incarcerated people who write to Books to Prisoners, a non-profit that sends them used and new books free-of-charge. Introduction co-written by myself and Michelle Dillon; co-edited by myself and the Books to Prisoners staff; foreword by Dan Berger; design by me.

Published by Left Bank Books
Distributed by AKPress
For Bard Hessel Museum of Art

Graphic design for “Moving at the Tempo of a Broken Song”, an exhibition curated by Eugenia Delfini that invites the audience to reconsider sound as a primary factor in the production of time, place, and social behavior. It features a new comission by Danilo Correale titled “Bird Song. Active Noise Cancelling” (2019), two excerpts of Alison O’Daniel’s feature-length film “The Tuba Thieves” (2018), and a new version of Alexander Provan’s audio work “Measuring Device with Organs” (2018).

Full description and PDF here:
For Sadia Shrazi, Curator of “Soft & Wet”
Publication design for “Soft & Wet”, a show curated by Sadia Shirazi at EFA Project Space. The exhibition features works by Arooj Aftab, Beverly Buchanan, Crystal Z Campbell, Caroline Key, Ana Mendieta, Andy Robert, Julie Tolentino, Zarina, and Constantina Zavitsanos.

Documentation at EFA Project Space here.
Show notes here.

for Brian House

Book design for “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today,” for Brian House.
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