Editing and design, “Reader to Reader”

Design for “No to Hazards, Yes to Safety!”, a worker’s rights manual

ActionOSH, Center for Urban Pedagogy

The Marshall Project

The Marshall Project

Arise Foundation


Sunset Park Tenants Union


Sunset Park Tenants Union

David Cann

Book design for Spotting Plutes: A Field Guide To American Billionaires

Triple Canopy

Triple Canopy

Othering & Belonging Institute, UC Berkeley

Program design for “Critic’s Choice”

Look At Art. Get Paid., RISD Museum

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Triple Canopy

Rainald Goetz, Triple Canopy

Jacqueline Feldman, Triple Canopy

Derica Shields, Triple Canopy

The New Red Order, Triple Canopy

Program for “The Pearl Diver's Revenge”

Sean D. Henry-Smith & Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Triple Canopy

Stress balls


Tote bag design


Poster for Cinemania

Yale Film & Media Studies

Logo for the Nassau Literary Review

Nassau Literary Review